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HR issues shouldn't hamper your organisation's growth and development- our solution is to make your life easier and take care of your HR needs to attract and nurture the talent needed to streamline that growth.

Talent AcquisitionDiscover and onboard the right talent tailored to your project needs, ensuring a smooth integration into your organization's culture and workflow

Global HiringExpand your team’s global footprint with compliant, hassle-free hiring solutions across borders, making the world your recruiting ground.

Culture Development
Foster a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative workplace culture that aligns with your organizational values and drives continuous growth.

Organizational HandbooksCreate comprehensive and clear handbooks that outline policies, expectations, and provide a roadmap for your team's success.

[what we offer]

01.Talent Acquisition

Job Descriptions: Crafted to capture the essence of the role and attract top talent.Candidate Screenings: We delve deep, ensuring only the most fitting profiles move forward.Optimized Workflows: Tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with your processes.ATS Oversight: Ensure your Applicant Tracking System works at peak efficiency.Prompt Feedback: Every candidate receives timely feedback, setting the standard for a standout recruitment journey. Hiring

Tailored Hiring Plans: Crafted to meet your unique growth objectives.Strategic Tool Recommendations: Tools that amplify and optimize your hiring process.Complete Onboarding: Robust guides to ensure smooth integration of new team members.Versatile Hiring Models: Proficiency in various models across multiple countries, from independent contractor setups to employer of record or direct employment


Culture By Design: Collaborative efforts to craft a culture that truly represents your vision.Foundation on Values: Rooting the organization in the ethos and principles of your founding team.Drive Innovation & Performance: Cultivating a culture that fosters growth and forward-thinking.Transparent Communication: Assisting in cascading cultural messages throughout the organization.HR Integration: Weaving the defined culture into various HR areas for a holistic approach.


Reflection of Essence: Handbooks that mirror your organization's unique culture and values.Tailored Policies: Custom-made guidelines tailored to your global team's diverse needs.Digital Accessibility: Ensure every member, anywhere, can access the handbook with ease.Globally Relevant: Overcoming the limitations of location-centric policies.

[open letter]

Hello People,In a world driven by technological advancement, the essence of meaningful progress still lies in the heart of committed and capable teams. Your organisation's success is deeply intertwined with the people you bring on board and the culture you cultivate. However, the path to building a thriving organisation is often cluttered with administrative obstacles and legal intricacies, which can detract from your primary mission: fostering innovation and steering your organisation towards greater heights.Building or growing your organisation is a thrilling journey, yet bureaucratic challenges and local laws can present real issues, especially when it comes to recruiting the right talent and establishing solid HR processes. That’s precisely where we step in.We offer tailored strategies, from devising your hiring plan to crafting seamless recruitment and onboarding processes. We tackle the tedious admin tasks, enabling you to focus on the daily operations crucial for your organisation's advancement. Our expertise is global, so no matter where you stand, we can help cut through the red tape that’s stalling your growth.Facing HR challenges, local laws, or looking to refine your interview process? Drop us a line. We’re here to lighten your load and pave the way for your venture's success.Sincerely,
Robbie & Evangelos

[the team]


Starting in the recruitment industry 8 years ago, Robbie worked in the video games and media sectors before finding his niche: HR for remote companies in the tech sector. Since 2019, he has worked with Series A & B start-ups to facilitate hyper-growth, develop their company culture and hire worldwide. A graduate of Management from the University of Glasgow, his areas of specialization include global employment law, talent acquisition and culture development.


Specialized in laying the HR groundwork for startups worldwide, with a history of successfully onboarding hundreds of employees, drafting solid HR policies, and creating essential HR tools like onboarding guides and employee handbooks. This foundation has empowered a multitude of companies to thrive. Possesses a solid grasp on remote work dynamics, ensuring seamless policy integration tailored for a dispersed workforce.

[how it works]

01.AuditStart with a thorough review of your current HR practices. We look into the tools you use for payroll, compliance, and HR management. We also evaluate your company culture, check your hiring processes, and review all policies shared with your team.

02.StrategyAfter understanding your needs from our discussions, we design an HR strategy just for you. This phase is about aligning with your organization's goals and crafting a plan to achieve the results you want.

03.SetupWith a clear strategy, we begin setting up the necessary tools, fostering the desired culture, and getting everything ready for your HR operations to run smoothly.

04.SupportWe stay by your side for at least six months, offering advice and refining processes as needed. When you're set to hire an in-house HR manager, we'll assist in the process and ensure a smooth handover.